(October 3, 2015)

I had a test to take at 2:00. It was already 2:00, and I hadn’t left the house yet.

I grabbed a duffel bag of clothes and a backpack of books, papers, and pencils and rushed from the house.

I walked around for quite some time, trying to find my truck. Unable to locate it, I began to walk as fast as I could, knowing how late I was, but, hoping that I could make it before it was too late.

I realized that I had lost my duffel bag as I traveled the crumbling sidewalks and dilapidated steps through the town.

It seemed as if I were no closer than when I began.

Now, I couldn’t remember where I had put my backpack. Would it do any good to continue without books, paper, and pencils?

I continued. Time was passing.

When the pig, that was now my companion, and I decided to sing a song….

I woke up.


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