When I fell off a roof and broke several ribs on August 14, I entered a time of extreme self-awareness.

Every movement held some sort of pain, so I planned every movement, thinking before I moved, “Do I really need that book on the table? Do I really need to pick up that piece of paper on the floor? Do I really need…?”

In the first few days, time m o v e d s o s l o w l y.

The nights were long, going from fitful dozing to fitful dozing.

The smallest movement would awaken me in pain.

Will I ever feel normal again?

I have always loved my work.

I dreaded going back to work. I knew it was going to hurt.

But, the funny thing is, while I was “immobilized” from busyness, God opened my eyes to people around me who were caring for me, spending their time trying to make up for my newfound inabilities.

My wife.

Friends from church.



While time moved so slowly in the beginning of the struggle, God pointed out to me that, every day, I was getting a little bit better.

That there was a time in the near future when the pain would be a memory.

A reminder.

A sign that the God I love never leaves my side, even when I forget that He is there.

And in the quiet times of still inactivity…if I listen…I can hear His voice.

Today, four and a half weeks later, the constant pain is gone…only occasional reminders remain; a sneeze, a stretch…but, I am amazed at the design that our Creator built into His creation to repair and rebuild and restore.

And…time is speeding up.

I am glad that I belong to Him.


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