I came to realize something this last week in my exchange with “the atheists”, who, by the way, all use names that aren’t their own so nobody who “knows” them will realize what they actually believe.
I thought the whole purpose of this internet thing was so we can express ourselves and let our beliefs and ideals and ideas be made known to the whole world.
We all know, don’t we, that not everybody is gonna come flocking over to our side, just because we make such a great argument.
But, we find friends, those with common interests and beliefs who let us know that they like what we say.
And that makes us feel pretty good.
But, when we step into the other side’s world, well, it doesn’t feel so good after all.
They do not flock to your side.
They may begin with a politeness, realizing how ignorant and uninformed you are, but, that actually goes away pretty fast.
The thing that I realized is that the goal of some of these guys (and gals) who probably have real names, is to take away something from those of us who have tasted more from the One we believe to have created us and brought us into fellowship with Him, and
to try to reason us out of this magnificent friendship, so we can finally go back to the way we were before.
So we can go back to being just like them.
And, then I think, so, why am I doing this … talking to these guys who obviously hate everything I have to say?
Well, that’s the difference…
They are trying to take something away from me…
I’m trying to give them something brand new.
And Good.


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