Things keep coming up in conversations:
“You can’t give me evidence that God exists…Show me the evidence!”

John Branyan says, “Earth started out as dead as a teaspoon of Jello. And then, there were living cells. Poof! That’s evidence.”

We try to tell how the simple things that are complex point to the Creator.

But, then we hear how imperfect everything is made…the world and everything in it…problems with the anatomy…the evidence of billions of years, not thousands…”proofs” of evolution “we already know.”

But, you have to realize, it’s really not their fault.

The Bible says that God is spirit and those that worship him must worship him in spirit. And in truth.

It also says that to come to him, one must believe that he exists, and that he rewards those that diligently seek him.

It says that no man seeks God. Not one.

It says that a man, if he is not born again, born by the spirit of God, then he cannot even perceive of the kingdom of God.

Without this new birth, we are as dead as Jello.

Jello can’t see the kingdom of God, either.

So, if we can’t make ourselves be born, that has to happen from outside of us.

I know quite a few people who had this happen to them.

It happened to me.

I didn’t come to him.

God came to me.

But, when he came, I said, “I’m yours.”

My life was changed.

That is evidence.

If you are reading this, then God may be saying to you, “Will you come to me?”

Will you change your mind?

If you don’t, you cannot see the evidence.

If you do, you will never be able to stop seeing the evidence.



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