Do you ever do this…just sit and think about things?

How does this even work? Right now, thoughts are cascading through my mind, so fast, I can’t even figure out how to get them down into words.

It’s Saturday morning for me, as I think, but, you at this time have a whole different series of thoughts going through your head.

But, if I have any skill, I can make you think, at the time you read this, along the same lines that I am thinking right now.

I could try to stir you in some emotional way, to bypass your reason and your rational thought, and try to manipulate some physical chemical reaction to anger you, or make you laugh, or make you feel sorrow…just to make you be on my side.

It happens all the time.

But thinking … that is a decision you make…to go past the emotional response, to look around the corner, to look into the background, to find the truth, to find the lies, to see the deception.

Now, here’s what I’m thinking about.

I actually believe the Bible to be the Word of God.

There is a whole lot of it that I don’t understand…a lot!

But, there is something in the first book of the Bible that always grabs me…the Image of God.

I don’t go for all that billions and billions of years, gradual tiny evolutionary changes to finally evolve to some miraculous point we are at right now where we can actually sit and think about things, and use our minds to manipulate people into agreeing with us.

The Image of God…the ability to create, to feel, to reason, to see what is unseen, to foresee, to plan, to change, to improve, to destroy…

To think.

I can see a situation, read a story, and be swept up in an emotional reaction…or, I can take some time to consider, to think about things that haven’t been said, that may be working in the background, to think about things that may result if a certain course of action is followed, pursue, through my imagination, (another Image of God thing) an eventual outcome that may or may not result from this present course.

This Image of God…it can go different ways…with God, or against God…His way, or my way.

It is quite easy to see the results today.

His way…or my way.

Think about it.



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