(Caution: controversial opinions)

” Oh, that shirt does not go with those shorts,” Wendy informed me as I was about to walk out the door. ” Why on earth would you think that that shirt would go with black shorts? What were you thinking?”

I’ll tell you what I was thinking.

Women’s Fashion and men’s fashion are not the same.

In women’s fashion, pants and tops are supposed to match.

Shoes and purses, supposed to match.

Men’s fashion is different.


Shirts are fashion.

Ties have to at least hint to the color in a shirt.

Pants are pants.

You have to wear them.

You don’t have to match them to anything.

Especially blue jeans.

Blue jeans match everything.

Skinny jeans are not pants.

Skinny jeans are leggings.

Men do not wear leggings.

And shoes…brown, black, athletic, sandals, maybe flip-flops if your toenails look okay.

Five pair.

That’s enough.

Now, jewelry for men…


Seriously…who would actually think that jewelry on a man helps in some way?

And makeup?

Are you kidding me?

The best thing about being a man is how fast you can get ready to leave.

About hair style.

Well, style, that’s the thing…

What you want is less than a minute prep.

You have to know that, if you forget to check the mirror before you leave…

Chances are, it’s not that big a deal.

Now, I know that not everyone agrees with these fashion rules.

That’s okay.

I’m sure you think that you are right.

Just remember, I married a girl named Wendy Gayle Wright.

I married into the family of Wright.

They now think of me as family.

I think that means

I am right, Wright?


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