I keep going back to the beginning, where it all went wrong.


I know, I know, some of you think that is all a fairy tale, you know, with evolution and millions and millions of years.

But, after the recent couple of celebrity suicides, I realized there is a pattern.

In the beginning, God created…

He daily walked with the man in the garden, the man He made in His image, the one who was to rule over His creation.

The man had an important job, a purpose.

But, he needed a companion, so God gave him a woman as a wife; like him but different.

God gave them amazing freedom and possibilities with a few boundaries to protect His creation.

God knew what would happen.

But, He also knew that the love He created for man to experience was manifest in the desire to obey and please the Creator.

So, the first man and woman crossed the first boundary, tore down the first wall.

And he has been tearing down these walls ever since.

Walking and talking with God.

Marriage between a man and a woman.

Purposeful work.

And it didn’t stop there, because the enemy of God was involved in this whole tyranny.

Ready with the chains of a disobedient lifestyle.

Ready with the blindness that accompanies deadness.

Ready with a promise of self-reliance and accomplishment , and a reward of emptiness, hopelessness, and a desire to end it all.

Ready with the voice that screams over the loving whisper of the Creator…

The One that still whispers, “Come back to me.”


6 thoughts on “SUICIDE IS PAINLESS

  1. Allie says:

    Safely you have stepped over my tolerance line today. Mental illness & the creation story? Many have lost dear one to mental illness who were Christians. Maybe not “Born Again.” This is thoughtless drival. Not your usually well thought out post. Mental illness is no different than cancer. The end result is often death. Our Lord’s arms are no less open to one than the other. The creation story?


    • Allie, I know that your comment comes from a place of deep pain.
      I don’t think that the rampant mental illness of our time opposes my theory at all.
      In fact, I think it supports it.
      I have a few questions to think about.
      Do you believe the choices we make have consequences?
      Do you believe a person who rejects God and the plan of God is mentally ill?
      Do you think it is possible that the voices a “mentally ill” person hears to kill, to steal, to destroy, to take your own life, “your life is hopeless” could possibly be that voice of the enemy is mentioned?


  2. Tom Sandefer says:

    Randy I know it wasn’t your intention but I don’t see the thoughtfulness or compassion in this post that I expect. I believe mental illnesses is a real medical condition like physical illnesses. Same sex marriage, I miss the relationship. Purposeful work, not sure I know how you define , but these two people had successful career, acclaim, wealth. Fortunately I’ve never done more than stick a toe into true despair but my compassion is for those living there. I think this a important topic, 22 US veterans commit suicide everyday. Tragic. Hope you take this as intended.


    • Suicide is painful, I know. What is the issue with what I said? Does it sound like I am blaming the ones that do it?
      I am not being flippant.
      Help me see what you see, Tom.


  3. Tom Sandefer says:

    First thing Randy I don’t want to overstate my criticism of your post. I didn’t find it offensive just not up to your standards. I don’t think you are blaming but I don’t sense a lot of compassion. I worked for 15 years downtown Dallas and was around homeless people every day mostly mentally ill people. I came to be able to tell if they were taking their meds by how delusional they were that day. These people are sick not eviil. Schizophrenia was once thought to be demonic possison need a priest for exorcism, that’s not what you are suggesting is it. Helplessness and despair are a dark scary place. I would never tell a writer what to write but I hope you will consider revisiting this subject, I think it’s important. Remember only one other person commented. Everyone else may well agree with you. Maybe I just misunderstand what you mean.

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  4. Maybe I didn’t express what I was trying to express very well. If (and I mean, since) God created it all, he gave us a choice to believe Him, or not, but didn’t guarantee His support of us if we didn’t. What I was trying to express is that, maybe, this devolution of mankind is based on a disintegration of the human character because he disconnected from the source of all good character; the image of God.
    In God’s conversations with Israel, He always told them, “Do what Intell you to do and things will go well, go against me and things will go poorly.”
    Prosperity, health, greatness of civilization followed Israel as long as they stuck to their God.
    But when they turned away…disaster.
    We all have a built-in sense of eternity, a desire to find that connection to our maker.
    But, this world, not just our country, seems to be pushing God out of the mainstream.
    The point I was trying to express is that the alternative ways man tries to find his fulfillment, his purpose, his happiness without seeking God’s will for him leads to despair, unhappiness, boredom, violence, racism, “alternative lifestyles”….


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