It seems like I mow the yard a lot.

I like to mow…the noise allows me to think, to reflect, to consider things.

Like, why is this golf ball laying in the street by my curb?

That would be some drive, considering I am about 7 miles from one golf course, and 10 miles from the other!

It reminds me of a good drive I hit one time.
I was about nine years old, went with my dad (to be his caddy) to Tenison golf course in Dallas. (The West course.) So, on the second hole, while we were waiting for the group in front of us to get out of range, Dad told me I could take a swing.
This fairway ran parallel to a street off to the right.
I teed up the ball, took my dad’s driver, and swung with all my might.
I toed the ball with the tip of the driver, and it shot out to the right, across the street, hit the pole of a street sign, ricocheted back across the street, down the fairway, 250 yards.
I never duplicated that shot.

You weren’t that lucky.

But, it doesn’t matter how great a drive it was, it costs you a stroke…it’s out of bounds.
Plus, I assume that, since it is still laying here, you lost it…that’s another stroke.

Life is kinda like that, yeah?

You go through life, swinging for the fences (oops, baseball term, sorry), uhh, shooting for the green, and you cork one, a huge drive that felt so good, you figure it’s the best drive you’ve had all day, maybe ever, and it hits one tiny branch over the fairway…one tiny branch… and It ricochets off into the woods, and you never find it.

Does that ruin your game?

Well, if you’re keeping score, it may.

But if you are out there because you love the game, the scenery, the walk (or, I guess, the ride in the golf cart) you laugh and go look for that little white sphere and continue the game.

When you live your life for the One that made you, you’re gonna hit some branches, and life is gonna ricochet away from the plans you made.

You’ve got some choices to make… trust Him, knowing that He is making your entire life purposeful,

Or, regret that you ever started this game.

But, if you are still looking for your ball…it’s right beside my curb in the street.

Nice drive!


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