Suppose Sears was sending a repairman out today between 8:00 and 5:00.

You are supposed to visit your father-in-law at the rehab center in Tyler.

So, you call the 800 number to get a little better window.

4:00 -6:00.

Then the repairman calls and says, “3:00-6:00.”

So, you ask him if he could call you about an hour before he comes.

So, you tell your spouse that you will go, but you’ll have to take your car.

While your spouse is getting her or his makeup on, you go outside to figure out how to put the front wheels that fell off your mower while you were mowing last week back on.

You drive to the hardware store get the bolts you need (with lock washers, because….well, you know) put the wheels back on ( after dropping one of the bolts through the deck, crawling under the deck to find it) then loading the mower onto a trailer to get your mechanic to take off the bent mower blade that caused the problem in the first place because you just don’t have quite the strength you used to have to turn that bolt.

You change out of your work clothes, drive to Tyler and have a nice visit.

When they take your father-in-law to therapy, you and your spouse might decide to go get something to eat. ( By now it’s probably 1:30 and you realize you are running on coffee…and not that special kind because…well, that’s a whole nother story)
“Not Chick-fil-A. I ate there yesterday,” your spouse might say.
So you suggest Taco Bell, telling how great that new Naked Chicken Chalupa Wild tastes…and she pulls into Panda Express…and you say, “Panda Express is fine.”

Long line for 1:45.

Standing in line you hear, ” They are making some fried rice and it will be ready in a couple of minutes.”

You’re kinda in a hurry…and you’re pretty hungry, so you figure to just get steamed rice.

“We’re out of steamed rice…it’ll be about 20 minutes…”

So you decide on the fried rice.

20 minutes later you head back to the rehab center, with three meals in a bag.

You’re eating, visiting, talking about exotic lunch meats and cookies at Fresh.

You’re phone rings. It’s the repairman. He’s giving you the warning that you asked for.

So you grab a big cookie, and your egg roll and go out to the car.

PANDA EXPRESS”Oh, come on,” you think, “is this the bargain basement fortune. I wanted one that meant something.”

It’s hot, your air-conditioning on your old work car doesn’t work so you decide to take the short cut to give you a few extra minutes before Sears guy arrives.

After a few turns and a bit of a drive you start to wonder “Did I miss a turn? This doesn’t look right. I should be going northwest and I’m going southeast.”

You know that one little left then right jog your supposed to take about five minutes from home?

Yeah, you were thinking about that fortune cookie and you forgot and turned right instead of left.

So, you know you’re going a little bit out of the way, but, you figure an extra five minutes won’t hurt.

It turns out, it’s going to be an extra twenty.

You start to think about that fortune cookie.

That delightful mystery is “am I going to make it before the Sears guy?”

You do, with a couple of minutes to spare.

He has to order the part.

I hope this never happens to me.


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